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Choose the options that you wish to create the password and click on the "Create Password" button. Very important! We do not save any password on our site. The communications with our site are encrypted.

You have to select some of the options
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Recordatorio a poner.

mnemonics pasword images.

What is this? This is our idea to help you to memorize the password. Each image represents a character of your created password. Take a moment and stare well each image. Try now to compose a small video adding each image. Close your eyes and try out to remember this video. Images are much more stronger on our brain than letters, symbols or numbers. A white point at the corner represents a uppercase letter.

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Advices to get a secure password

  1. Do not use, never, the account login name as a part on your password, although you include any other digits or characters.

    Never use your name, city, partner's name, age, birthday date, phone number and so on, as a part on the password.

    Here below, you can find some ideas about how to create more secure passwords in a easy way. And of course, you will be able to use our passwordeasy generator whenever you want. You would make us very happy knowing that our site is useful for you.

  2. You have to create a password as longest you can. Use a combination of alphanumeric character ( uppercase, lowercase and digits ) and symbols such as ( dot, comma, colon, semicolon, at and so on ).

  3. About the length. A longer password increases exponentially the security of your password. We recommend you twelve character at least and sixteen to have a quite secure password.

  4. An easy way to create secure password is to choose a phrase, a song e.g., and apply an algorithm to change some of its characters.

    E.g.: "We are the champions my friends".

    It could be: "W9:are;the:Ch@mpions;My:fr1ends;".

  5. Never use simple sequences such as 1234567890,987654321,qwerty123 and so on within your passwords.

  6. Use different passwords with different services or at least, try to have several passwords and alternate them.

  7. Do not save your password in the cloud or an electronic device. Try to memorise it by using some trick or rule to help you to remember it.

  8. Use always sites that offer secured protocols to use their services ( HTTPS, SSH, TLS and so on ).